Is there a mystery behind the Mclusky breakup?

Good bands die hard 1A single decade of Mclusky’s hits had already given a new definition to the music industry and very little was expected on the side of the fans regarding the band’s breakup. Each one of its three members was a perfectly fitting figure and a strongman of his respective role in the band with Andrew "Falco" Falkous demonstrating his competence as the master of guitar and vocals, Jonathan "Thieving Bassist" Chapple taking charge of bass and vocals, while "Eccleston" Egglestone posed as the chief of the band’s drums. Amid their completeness however, there lurked concealed apprehension which grew to its maximum worst and reached the point of no return when it came to revelation on January 7, 2005.

Is it actually known what caused the breakup?

Different commentators have postulated different reasons to attribute to this breakup which came as a surprise to the rock lovers. However, we hold the view that many of the reasons given are only symptoms of what the underlying bedrock reason for the breakup was. Anyone studying the connotation in the black announcement by Falkous on that first week of 2005 which maintained the reason for the breakup concealed can obviously guess that there was some difference among the three icons who, after the breakup did not relent into giving up their skills and talents. Announcing on that 7th day of January thirteen years down the line, Falkous was able to identify with the vicissitude of a foreteller that each one of them would later on make music.

What do people say caused the breakup?

There was little factual information about the reasons that led to the breakup of Mclusky back in those days. The internet wasn’t exactly buzzing with Mclusky gossip in those days. However, just like anything else with the taste of public attraction, there had to be endless questions, whispering and gossiping among the fans, the closest associates of the band members, and even from the first hand information by the members themselves. Therefore, it didn’t take long before revelations came to air positing that the earlier tensions which had occurred between Falkous and Chapple was what resulted into the band’s tragic drift and subsequent split. The duo’s disagreement was traced back to the earlier incident in Arizona leg of the band’s American tour in which the equipment valued at more than £5000 was stolen, was never recovered. This was indeed a painful loss and even though the members had tried as much as to hold it back, its impact was apparently something that could obviously constraint the band’s progress. Which is said, because let’s be honest this is not a lot of money when it comes to usual band expenditures, but rather something that can even be gathered let’s say, playing progressive slots.

Wrapping up

The mystery that surrounded Mclusky’s breakup in the wake of 2005 was a consequence of the internal processes within the band and amongst the band members themselves. One fact to derived from the announcement by Falkous which made everything open for public discussion was that the band had indeed tried to commit to its success. However, circumstances forced the split and left everyone disturbed. As was unanimously hoped among the fans, something would later on be done to reunite the band and relive the rock hits that welcomed the 21st century. The real mystery perhaps is one that still perplexes fans to this day. Will we ever see a decent reunion?