Will there ever be a decent Mclusky reunion?

Back story and history of Mclusky

when will it ever happen 2The band was initially formed in 1996 when Andy Falkous and Bevan Harding met at the Institute of Blackwood Miners in their hometown. Harding and Falkous were working together at the Anglian windows. They both discussed their musical ambitions, Falkous gave Harding a tape of his songs that he had been writing on his own- then after a short while they formed a band. They existed for almost a year when Bevan started concentrating on his acting career. When Bevan departed, the remaining members convinced the Chapple to join the band. They managed to be signed by various labels in London, and they changed their name to Mclusky in the year 1999. They released their first full-length album in 2000 which was called “My pain and sadness is more sad and painful than yours.”

The Big Breakup

The band quit on 7th January 2005. Falkous said that the reason for their breakup is private, and it is not as entertaining as people would imagine. He also announced that there would be more music from all of them. They only said very little about their breakup, but later we realized that tension had risen between Falkous and the Chapple. The reasons for the tensions traced back to an incident when all of the band's equipment was stolen in 2004 during the Arizona leg of the tour; the equipment was worth more than 5000 pounds and still hasn’t been recovered yet. Despite their breakup, their reputation has grown in their absence.

Recent Reunion Shows- sort of…

Andy Falkous once said his price for a proper Mclusky reunion had to be 200,000 pounds for just him to cover the self-respect he would lose. It is a nightmare to get everybody together but as John Chapple has previously mentioned, just trying to keep things harmonious since then, is the only chance that could bring all of them back together. There have been stints in local gigs and bars which they say is not a complete reunion, but merely old friends playing their old songs and enjoying them for what it is. What it has led to is that their reunion has made everything old from their catalog again which includes the 4AD concerts, videos and albums more popular than ever. They have done various concerts and shows in 2018 under new band incarnations, but no more reunion concerts are mentioned for this year, so we can only hope for upcoming shows are coming up in 2019.

They say they are asked to do charity shows frequently enough to have a decent stock in growing popularity; yet they insisted that if they are asked to do any charity shows their answer will be no. This is with the exception of Cardiff or London because they are the only places they would make money for obvious reasons. If they do that, they may not be able to play there again for a year. As for their upcoming London shows there won't be any different songs because they won't write new ones. With a new lineup- they will try to make every show even better.